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About us

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Uniforms for Hope’s vision empowers children overseas and provides them with uniforms so they will be able to attend school. It may not seem like a big thing, but many children do not attend school because they can’t afford a uniform. It’s a big problem in many countries around the world. Children may be orphaned and many parents have no resources for uniforms or even food. With 264 million children worldwide that don’t go to school the need is huge.

We raise funds and awareness by going into schools and work with youth groups. We make presentations to have students learn about other countries and cultures.

They realize how fortunate they are to be able to get an education in the United States…something they take for granted. Students realize how many opportunities are available to them here that children don’t have overseas. Students can form a club at their school and work with other students in their own school by raising awareness and fundraising.

Extreme poverty brings with it hopelessness. With “Uniforms for Hope” children can get an education and have hope for a better future for themselves as well as their families. Let’s change the world one uniform at a time.

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