Maureen Maloof

Maureen Maloof


Maureen has always had a passion to help children. She has traveled to 43 countries and noticed children overseas need to have a uniform to attend school. Maureen founded Uniforms for Hope which provides children with uniforms so they can go to school. She comes from a financial background with her MBA and a Bachelors degree in Accounting. She has been working as a consultant for over 30 years. Starting as a Bank Manager at age 25, to then working in the corporate world. She then moved into the natural health care industry.

Each country she visited it was the same story, whether it be Africa, Tibet, Fiji, or Peru. Many of these kids are orphans and live in extreme poverty. Going to school is out of the question when they can barely afford food. The situation gripped Maureen’s heart and she decided to take action. Although this problem seems so overwhelming, with 264 million children worldwide not going to school, she realized even one person can make a difference.

Uniforms for Hope’s vision is to visit schools in the US and educate the children here so they can fundraise for kids overseas. Many children in the US take school for granted and have no idea what a challenge it can be just to attend school.


Extreme poverty brings with it hopelessness. Education is the future. With “Uniforms for Hope” children can get an education and will be instilled with hope for a better future. Let’s change the world one uniform at a time.

Dr. Catherine Maloof


For over 25 years, Dr. Maloof has been a Chiropractor in Mission Viejo, California specializing in family health care, nutritional therapy, sports injuries, and taking people’s health to the next level.

She is an author as well as a health and motivational speaker. Dr. Maloof’s mission is to “Heal The Planet.” She motivates, inspires, and energizes people to take action to improve their health, so they can achieve all the goals, dreams, and desires they have for their life. Dr. Maloof has always had a passion to help children. Her sister Maureen handled the business side of her practice, so you could say they are the “health and wealth” sisters. Now she feels blessed to help her sister with the foundation “Uniforms for Hope.”


Having visited some schools and orphanages on a trip to Peru and Fiji together, they both had the transformational experiences and the tugging on their hearts to help children. They are very excited at the prospect of helping millions of children to receive a uniform that will be life-changing for their education.


Will Blackmon


Will Blackmon played 12 seasons in the NFL. He played for the Green Bay Packers, New York Giants (with whom he won Super Bowl 46), Jacksonville Jaguars, and finished his career with the Washington Redskins.


Will’s passion is wine. In his strong desire to learn more about wine, Will completed levels 2 and 3 sommelier certifications through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). He also passed the Introductory exam through the Court of Masters Sommelier. Will is now the “NFL Wine Guy.” He launched a VIP wine concierge business, The WINE MVP, with the idea that when it comes to fine wine, everyone can be an MVP. Will uses The WINE MVP to make wine more approachable and empower those looking to learn more about wine.


Will is also a TV analyst. He has been on NFL Network, Sky Sports in London, & Fox Sports. In 2015, Will launched the Blackmon Football Academy to host free camps for kids ages 7-14 years old and a high school combine where student-athletes can perform in front of college recruiters. Will also trains college football players to prepare for the NFL Combine and NFL players during their off-season.

Cheri Callihan

Cheri Callihan


Cheri Callihan has devoted her career to building strong business liaisons across organizations.  With a rooted history in the high tech world, initiated by years of experience in the semiconductor and electronic component world, followed by an exciting diversion into the IT systems and software arena, Cheri’s passion stems from forging accelerated growth through fostering mutually-beneficial, differentiated go-to-market strategies across a company’s external selling partners, including distributors, manufacturer’s representatives, and value-added resellers.

With a strong track record of driving growth, typically outpacing market performance, she has cultivated effective techniques for building and strengthening partner growth engagements. Collaborative and engaging by nature, Cheri embraces opportunities to build new relationships, fostering alliances to focus on great outcomes and achievements.  Her business mindset, high energy, positive attitude, and servant leadership style are a recipe for success in all facets of her life, including her important work for Uniforms for Hope.

Cheri’s college years were spent in New England, graduating with a BSBA degree from the University of Hartford in Connecticut.  After launching her career in the Boston area, she quickly determined that her calling was on the west coast, where she has been strongly and happily rooted for quite some time now.  When not driving new partner collaborations, she can often be found enjoying time with her family and friends exploring California’s beautiful coastline, traveling to new places, or simply taking a day trip to a fun southern California escape like the San Diego Zoo.    

John Carlson


John Carlson lives in Irvine, California with his wife and 2 children ages 15 and 12.  His passion for helping the poor blossomed many years ago when he accompanied a neighbor to Ensenada, Mexico to help his charity provide free dental care to poor children and their caregivers. Since then, John has joined the board of that charity and travels to Mexico and Haiti each year as well as various 1-day clinics in Southern California to assist dentists and hygienists with sterilization, procedures, logistics, security, etc.


A graduate of Georgetown University, John has been a full-time financial advisor since 2001.  When he’s not at work or on dental charity trips, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends at the children’s sports and music events with good food, drink, and laughter.

Heatherdawn Wadleigh


Heatherdawn Wadleigh is a technology instructor at the private Christian school where her son attends. She has been working in the technology field for twenty years and enjoys teaching others how to get the most from technology in their daily lives.


Heatherdawn regularly volunteers at her church leading children in forming relationships with each other and with God.