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Mission Viejo Reporter
September 2019, vol 5, no. 51, p.15
From our Sister Sister Department

Uniforms for Hope: Maloof Sisters Team Up

Maureen Maloof and Dr. Catherine Maloof have worked together for over 25 years with Maloof Chiropractic, and their mission has been to “Heal the Planet”. Now, they are going worldwide to help children get an education.


Maureen founded “Uniforms for Hope” a charity whose vision is to empower children overseas and provide them with uniforms so they will be able to attend school. This problem is huge because uniforms are mandatory in schools overseas, and there are over 200 million children not attending school simply because they can’t afford a uniform.


Our plan is to raise funds by going into schools and youth groups, making presentations so children in the U.S. can realize how fortunate they are and create “Uniforms for Hope” clubs in their schools to create awareness and fundraising. We are also gladly welcoming corporate sponsors. Maureen’s idea was created when she and Catherine began traveling to over 40 countries and visited orphanages and schools around the world. They always came back wanting to help these kids, and now they are doing something about it Find out how you can help by visiting:

Uniforms for Hope is a 501(c)3 certified non-profit.Tax ID number 84-1864351. Over 95% of your contributions go directly to support our cause of uniforms for children. We keep our overhead costs to an absolute minimum primarily consisting of fees that may not be covered for credit card processing.

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